The Story of Nice Bats

It Started with a Bat

About 20 years ago my wife and I purchased a house that just happened to be full of bats. When the first bat flew into our bedroom at 3 AM we thought it was a fluke. Unfortunately, after ten or so bats flying through the house over a short period of time, we realized we had a problem.

We began by asking everyone we could find about bat removal. We went to animal control and Game, Fish & Parks as well. A volunteer with Game, Fish & Parks advised us to put a bat house in our yard. Unfortunately we learned the hard way that bats will not live in a bat house if they already have a warm and cozy house to live in. Can you blame them?

We also hired a pest control company, but all they did was put mothballs all over our house, which just stank up the place! The bats stayed and my wife moved out (due to the mothballs.)

Finally, an Answer!

I eventually found out about the exterior exclusion bat removal method. This method is proven to allow bats a safe way out of your home (SDSU link) but it keeps them from re-entering the residence. I own and operate a roofing company so I already had the equipment needed to reach the spots bats like most, remove the bats, and do it in a way that didn’t require me to rip up my entire roof.

My wife moved back in and the bats have stayed out!

I decided to take the knowledge I learned from my own bat removal process and offer it to customers. At this point we have been successfully removing bats for 20 years! We will make sure you are a satisfied customer. And if you need a new roof, we can help you with that too! Contact us today!