Frequently Asked Questions

If I had one bat in the house do you think I have more?

A lot of times you do have more than one bat that is living in your home. Female bats live in colonies. If you hear scratching, rustling, and squeaking in your attic or walls, it is likely a bat problem. But you can’t always go by the sounds. If you see a bat, it is best to call a professional bat removal service like Nice Bats.

Do the bats fly south in the winter?

No, the bats that live in our area do not fly south. They hibernate here in our homes, businesses, barns or anything that they can find that is warm and cozy.

Where do they like to live in our house?

Bats love to roost in walls and underneath insulation in an attic. Tight spaces are warmer and so they often prefer them.

Can your remove bats from my house, business, church?

You bet! We remove and bat proof all sorts of buildings, from homes to apartments to businesses and even churches!

If I put up a bat house will the bats go and live there?

The only way that bats will start living in a bat house is if you make your house unavailable to them. Bats mark where they live by the droppings they leave when they come and go. Some people say if you can transport the droppings to the bat house it might help them relocate, but there are no guarantees unless you use the exterior exclusion method to insure they won’t be able to return to your house. That’s why getting a bat removal service is so important.

They are gross, can’t we just poison them?

No. Poisoning bats is actually illegal. That is one of the reasons it is so important to hire a respected bat removal service that can get the bats out without injuring or killing them. Bats are admittedly kind of disgusting, but they do benefit our ecosystem and they are good neighbors. Bats eat half their body weight every day in moths, beetles and mosquitoes, including those that carry West Nile. And bats are exclusively insectivorous; they only eat the bugs that bug us!

I found a bat in our home, should I have it tested?

Yes, the CDC recommends that you always have the bat tested if you had personal contact with it.

Is it just old homes that have bats?

Definitely not... Bats will live in any home that they can get into. They do not care the color, size, or location of your home.

Does having a bat problem mean we are dirty?

No, having bats is not a sign that you are a bad housekeeper, it is just a sign that your home has some access points that need to be addressed by a bat removal service. Nobody wants to deal with a bat infestation. We do our best to be as discreet as possible.

Do bats stink?

Yes, if bats have been in your home for a while your home will begin to have a bad odor. The time you smell it most is in the summer months when the attic gets really hot.

Do bats makes noise?

Yes. The noise bats make is like scratching on a wall. The sound you hear is their wings flapping back and forth. Some also describe hearing squeaking or chirping.