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Nice and Friendly Bat Removal

With experience in the bat removal industry since 1999, we are the best in South Dakota and the surrounding areas., a subdivision of Woods Roofing Inc., has highly-skilled professionals who have been hand-picked from among the best in the wildlife industry. 

Bats are beneficial to the ecosystem because they eat bugs and protect the crops.  Since bats are a protected species, we use a humane method of bat removal that allows bats to stay in your neighborhood but not your house.  Even though you may not think you have bats in your home because you cannot see them inside your living space, that does not mean they are not getting into the walls or attic.  Bats are necessary creatures for our environment because they keep the mosquito population manageable, but they pose significant risks when they enter your home. Some of these risks include Rabies, Histoplasmosis, Structural Damages, and Bat Bugs.

Nice Bats is a humane bat removal service that can and will help you with your bat problems!

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The Story of Nice Bats


It Started with a Bat

About 20 years ago, my wife and I purchased a house that happened to be full of bats.  When the first bat flew into our bedroom at am, we thought it was a fluke.  Unfortunately, after ten or so bats flying through the house over a short period of time, we realized we had a problem.

We began asking around to see what we could find out about bat removal.  We went to Animal Control and Game, Fish, and Parks as well.  A volunteer with GFP advised us to put a bat house in our yard, but it was extremely unlikely that those bats would relocate and live in the bat house when they already had a nice warm place to live....our home.  We then hired a pest control company. Their only solution was to place moth balls all over the house which was stinky and unhelpful!

Finally an Answer!

I eventually found out about the Exterior Exclusion Bat Removal Method.  This method is proven to allow bats a safe way out of your home and keeps them from re-entering the residence.  I own and operate Woods Roofing Inc., so I already had a background in construction and the equipment necessary to set up the exit locations to remove the bats. I was also able to secure my home in a way that wouldn't require me to rip up my entire roof.

I decided to take the knowledge I learned from my own bat removal process and offer it to customers. My company,, has now been successfully removing bats for 20 years. If you need our services we will make sure you are a satisfied customer!

Jim Woods, owner of and Woods Roofing, LLC.


"My wife and I had a real problem with bats for years. We have an old house and could hear them in the attic. Numerous attempts were made to remedy the problem, but none worked and the critters could not be found. Finally we had Nice Bats come out to take a look. After just a few moments on the roof, Jim told me there were some spots he thought the bats were coming in. The crew worked half a day up on the roof, and since then, NO BATS. Often these nasty little mammals would keep my wife and I up at night. Now that Jim Woods has "bat proofed" my house, my wife and I sleep easy and have not heard a bat since."

—  Chris, Sioux Falls, SD


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