Bat Bugs


Bat bugs are mites that feed on bats.  Bat mites, like their hosts (mainly brown bats that live in colonies), love to live in dark, protected areas and narrow places where it is difficult to see and find.  They can live for a long time for such a little creature (almost 1 year in cool areas).

The only effective way to get rid of bat bugs are to exclude the bats first, making sure they cannot return into your home or building.  Only then will any mite control be effective.  Once the bats are gone from your home or building, there is a chance that the bat bugs will remain and if no actions are taken, the bat bugs may end up using human hosts as a source of food.  In this case, a pest control company should be called to help eliminate the bat bugs.

If bats are suspected and a building's tenants are itchy or you have already had a pest control service come out but still have bugs, take these simple steps in order to assure your bat bug problem is solved:

  • Have a bat exclusion professional exclude bats from your property

  • Have the bat guano cleaned up to remove the smell and the histoplasmosis spores

  • Have the area treated for bat bugs

  • Protect the bedding with allergy or mite control bedding

Do not ever use an insecticide on your bedding.  Bedding should always be protected from insecticide so a frequent washing of your sheets in hot water and the use of matter covers specifically designed for the control of mites are recommended if you are having a problem with bat bugs or bed bugs.


By calling in a bat control specialist, you will be able to get both your bat and bat bug problems under control.